Install Guide

Install Guide

Thanks for ordering your Renown steering wheel!

Here are some tips to help your install go smoothly:


Included in your package:

Steering Wheel

Allen bolts with 3mm Allen Wrench

Horn Button

Wire w Connectors

Zip Tie



Bolt Steering Wheel to Hub

Make sure the horn button is removed.  

Remove the bolts from the bag and use the included allen wrench to one by one get the steering wheel mounted to the hub.  

Do not tighten them down until all bolts are screwed in hand tight.  

When tightening, go in a star pattern - you do not have to tighten to the point where the allen key is bending!  


Attach Horn Button

Now - make sure you are comfortable with putting the horn into the center hole of the steering wheel; First attach the power wire coming from your hub adapter to the CENTER tab on the back of the horn button.  It should be labeled P for Power. 



Next - You can see on the back of the horn button there is another metal piece sticking out of the side (near my index finger above), this is supposed to contact the steering wheel and ground the horn button.  

Make sure you insert that side into the center hole first, then press down on the opposite side to snap it into place.  To remove, its just the same in reverse.


NOTE: MOMO Slip Ring should not be used - our horn button is slightly larger and is centered by the steering wheel itself, not by the hub or slip ring.  Leave the slip ring in the box.


Make Horn Work 

If you've done the above steps, and your horn works reliably - you are DONE.  

Continue the steps below if your horn is not working reliably, or not at all.

Depending on your specific hub design, you may not need to use the wire connector.  It is simply a backup if the ground connector on the back side of your horn button, is not making a good, solid contact.  After all, we do not want things to work intermittently, but we want your horn to work when you need it.  It could save your precious car from being backed into!


The center tab on the back of the horn button should be marked P for power - this connects to the wire coming from your MOMO hub (shown above).

The outer tab on the back of the horn button should be marked G for ground - we will now focus on making this connection using the provided wire. 


You will secure the MALE or ring side of the wire connector to your MOMO hub.  

Place the zip tie through the ring hole like so:  


Now attach the zip tie and the ring connector to one of the spokes on the inside of the hub.  MOMO Hubs have 4 spokes on the inside of the hub.  Simply run the zip tie through the ring and tie down to the spoke.  This will be your ground. 

NOTE: if you have an old hub that has years of grime and patina, take a minute to file or sand down the area in which your ring will contact the hub.  This will ensure a solid connection.    


Now tighten down the zip tie, pliers can be used if you are having trouble tightening the zip tie so the ring makes constant contact with the hub.  


Once the ground is secure in the hub, connect the FEMALE wire connector (red in this picture) to the outer tab on the horn button labeled G. 


Once both ground and power are connected to the horn button - turn the ignition to the ON position and test that the horn works!  It should look like this:


Place the horn button carefully back into the center hole of the steering wheel.  

Check again that horn still works.   TOOT TOOT



Be careful when removing the horn button - so you don't rip it out and pull the wires out with you.  Only remove the horn lightly so you can remove wires on the back before detaching the horn button from the steering wheel area completely.  


If you have any issues - please email me