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E28 Front Plate Filler

E28 Front Plate Filler

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Unfortunately, BMW does not offer a front plate filler for the E28/E23/E24 platform anymore, so Bubba Built design took it upon themselves to fix that. These plate fillers are the perfect solution to fill the gap and get rid of that ugly front license plate. These are 3D printed from high quality PETG filament. These are mounted using removable and replacement clips that press into the OEM location. No modification is needed to install this.
Please Note: To use this filler you will need the OEM bumper guard surround (see picture). This is BMW PN 51111855951
Fitment: E28, E23, E24
Disclaimer: 3D printed items may contain small minor aesthetic defects. These defects will not reduce the structure/strength and can be corrected with light sanding if the consumer desires.

Download the Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

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