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IRP Germany BMW Short Shifter

IRP Germany BMW Short Shifter

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IRP Germany BMW Universal Short Shifter V3

Looking for a short shifter that gives you quick, easy shifts but doesn't require you to completely modify your shifter linkage to get it to fit? Renown USA is proud to offer the Individual Racing Parts (IRP) Germany Universal Short Shifter Version 3. It was developed to perform and compete with the much more expensive CAE Ultra Shifter, but at half the cost. The entire shifter assembly is made from all anodized aluminum and stainless steel for strength, durability, and looks. The V3 is a perfect replacement when looking for a shifter that gives you short, crisp, precise shifts with a 60% reduction in travel. This latest version 3 also features a reverse lockout button to prevent accidental mis-shifts into reverse. IRP's V3 Short Shifter is essential to any dedicated track car, or even your daily driven canyon carver that could use crisper, more precise shifts.

This short shifter works perfectly with 5 and 6 speed Getrag or ZF transmissions with a standard H shifting pattern, leaving the stock linkage unchanged, ensuring the coupling system and everything other than your center console (and potentially a little trim) remains completely untouched!

CNC milled aluminum and black anodized
Full automatic switch for the existing BMW shift linkage
Short and precise shift travel
The coupling system remains untouched
Highest quality & clean processing
No interference by adjustable gear attacks
Reverse gear unlocking built into the shift knob
Development and production in the EU
Total Height: 12.75" Measured from top of handle to bottom of the base where it mounts to the transmission tunnel.
Total Weight: 0.915 kg


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